Partnerships and Sponsors at “Un Cœur sur Pattes”

Welcome to the page dedicated to partnerships and sponsorships of “Un Cœur sur Pattes”. The association is constantly looking for partners and sponsors who share their commitment to the safeguarding and well-being of dogs and cats in Tunisia. Your support is crucial to help them continue their mission and expand their impact.

Why become a Partner or Sponsor?

By associating yourself with “Un Cœur sur Pattes”, you demonstrate your commitment to an important social cause and improve your brand image. You contribute directly to the rescue, care and well-being of animals in distress, while gaining visibility with our growing community of supporters and sympathizers.

Partnership and Sponsoring Opportunities:

  • Financial Support : Help cover operational costs of the shelter, from veterinary care to facility renovations and improvements.
  • In-Kind Donations : Animal supplies, medical equipment, food, or professional services.
  • Joint Awareness Campaigns : Let’s collaborate on awareness and education campaigns, increasing our reach and impact.
  • Fundraising Events : Participate in or sponsor our events to raise funds and awareness for our cause.
  • Tailored Partnerships : We are open to innovative and creative partnerships that match your objectives and our needs.

Benefits for Partners and Sponsors:

  • Visibility on our website, our social networks and our communication media.
  • Association with a noble and respected cause.
  • Marketing and public relations opportunities through our events and campaigns.

Become a Partner or Sponsor

Please complete the form below or contact us directly to explore how we can work together, we value every partnership opportunity and look forward to collaborating with organizations and individuals who share our vision and values.