Make a Donation - Help “Un Coeur Sur Pattes” to Finance a Company Vehicle for the shelter.

Your support can help the association acquire an essential company vehicle for the shelter. This vehicle will be key to ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of animals and the team through difficult terrain. Your donation will make a concrete difference in their ability to save and care for animals in distress.

Why a Company Vehicle is Essential for the Shelter

The refuge is located in a remote location, accessible only by a difficult path, dotted with holes and uneven terrain.

A robust and reliable company vehicle is crucial to enable the association to carry out its daily missions at the shelter: transporting animals for veterinary care, delivering food and supplies, removing trash, as well as for travel. of the team.

Without this adapted means of transport, the association's abilities to effectively rescue and help animals in distress are severely limited.

Your Contribution Can Make a Difference

The association has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the purchase of this essential vehicle. Every donation, big or small, will contribute significantly to achieving this goal.

By helping to finance this vehicle, you play a direct role in the rescue and well-being of many animals. It is an investment in the sustainability of the association's actions and in the effectiveness of the help provided to animals in need.

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Your generosity can transform their ability to act and make a difference every day.

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