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Here is our frequently asked questions, you will surely find here a question that you ask yourself about us, if this is not the case, do not hesitate to contact us at virginie@uncoeursurpattes.com

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What is the mission of “Un Cœur sur Pattes”?

“Un Cœur sur Pattes” is a non-profit association dedicated to the rescue, care and protection of dogs and cats in distress in Tunisia. We provide safe shelter, veterinary care and seek to find loving homes for our animals.

How can I help your association?

There are many ways to help, including financial donations, volunteering, participating in our events and awareness campaigns, and purchasing products from our online store. For more information, visit our [How to Help?] page.

Is it possible to visit the refuge?

Yes, visits are possible by appointment. To arrange a visit, please contact us via our contact page.

How does “Un Coeur sur Pattes” use donations?

Donations are used to cover veterinary costs, shelter maintenance, food, animal care, worker salaries and land rent. We are committed to using every donation transparently and effectively for animal welfare.

Can I volunteer remotely?

Yes, there are remote volunteer opportunities, particularly in areas like communications, digital marketing, or social media management. To find out more, visit our “Become a Volunteer” page.

How does “Un Cœur sur Pattes” monitor adopted animals?

We carry out regular monitoring to ensure that our adopted animals are adapting well to their new homes. This includes follow-up visits and regular contact with adopters.

Can I sponsor a specific animal to the shelter?

Yes, you will very soon be able to sponsor one of our companions, we are currently thinking of a solution.

How can I stay informed about the activities of “Un Cœur sur Pattes”?

To stay up to date, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter via our website. Facebook link , Tiktok link, Instagram link.

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All profits from these products will be reused to carry out the association. Thanks in advance 💙

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