Become a Volunteer at “Un Cœur sur Pattes”

Joining the team of volunteers at “Un Cœur sur Pattes” is a wonderful way to contribute to a noble cause and make a significant difference in the lives of dogs and cats in distress in Tunisia. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a variety of activities, ranging from direct animal care to support tasks essential to the smooth running of our shelter.

Why Become a Volunteer?

By becoming a volunteer, you not only help improve animal welfare, but you also join a community of like-minded people who are passionate about animal welfare. It is an opportunity to learn, share skills and experiences, while participating in concrete actions that have a real impact.

How to Apply?

If you are passionate about the animal cause and would like to get involved as a volunteer, please complete the application form below.

The association is eager to know your motivations, your skills and the way in which you wish to contribute to their mission.

We thank you for your interest and your desire to be part of the “Un Cœur sur Pattes” family.
Together we can continue to make a real difference for animals in need.